Yes, I’m *that* girl

       Occasionally as I’m scrolling through all the political rubbage on Facebook wall, there is occasionally someone who asks for book recommendations.  I do not think “normal people” understand how excited I get when this happens. Even my sweet husband got a rather comical look of alarm on his face the first time he witnessed this.  I get excited about my books the way some parents get about their kid’s sports pictures.  Perhaps I will be the same way once my kids get old enough for sports, but I’ll hold reservations on this…

So here’s the dilemma on this.  By recommending books, it’s almost a situation that makes me shy.  To me, I am revealing a lot about who I really am, and the books I choose to occupy my mind are like windows into that part of me.  When I read, I don’t have to answer to anyone for my choices.  I don’t have to be apologetic about reading YA Paranormal books where the chick is badass in a total Buffy way, and little After School Special like “Full House”.  I don’t have to be embarrassed for reading Anne Stuart, the amazing sex fueled Victorian pieces that tend to end up at the same destination, but with a different scenic route every time.  I can express my horror at the latest dystopian where technology has taken over humanity, or hide how I giggle at a psychic teenage goth boy talking to his arch nemesis who just happened to turn into a ghost (“Ghost and the Goth”, y’all, that’s where it’s at).

I find my self trying to play it safe, then half way through the already lengthy post I’m about to leave on a friend’s innocent post, I light that bitch up.  What good is it to read amazing books, get sucked into story after story, if there’s no one to talk to about it? If other’s can’t enjoy these worlds, too?  Maybe they will judge me.  Maybe they will hate my recommendations and never take book advice from me again.  But, just like knowing scientific facts, knowledge is best when it is shared.  They can either accept it, or reject it.

So, to my fellow book nerds, keep recommending.  Keep our favorite authors writing.  Allow your love of books to let other’s see into you, even the parts you didn’t set out to share with others.  Maybe it will open more doors for you.  And if they are truly a friend, they will recommend a good book back.

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