Bookish Questions, Pt. 2

6. What book/s can you not live without? Weelllll, we’ve recently established I love HP and C L Stone, so those books, of course.  But I must admit I also quite like Throne of Glass. Oh, have I mentioned that? My bad.  I know a lot of people answer things like Shakespeare, or some such similar…and truth be told, I love the classics.  But I also recognize, a lot of what I read now is retelling, or modern telling, of those same classics. That’s why they are classics to begin with.  Delving into human psyche, revealing things we really want but don’t want to say or admit, revenge and betrayal and loyalty…

7. What  book/s that you rave about? So, if I love a book, or can’t live without it, I’m going to rave about it….next!

8. An author/s that you dislike/hate?  I, uh, well…  I haven’t found one I hate, unless it would be Hitler for “Mein Kampf”…but even that has historical significance that we absolutely cannot ignore.  Every author has a story to tell.  Maybe some can’t tell it as well as others, or maybe their story telling doesn’t mesh well with my story listening.  But to say I dislike or hate an author? I’ve not found one yet, because all stories have significance in my opinion.

9. An author/s you like/love?  Well, J. K. Rowling, of course.  Then C L Stone, obviously.  Sarah J Maas.  I do love a Shakespearian story.  Also, George Orwell had it going on. If I continue, this list is going to be a mile long…

10. What popular books do you just hate?  I tried Vampire Academy.  I really did.  I read the first 3 books. It’s a “No”, from me.  I also tried the “House of Night” series. My mom recommended them as they are set in our neck of the woods, and well, no one sets anything in Oklahoma unless they are just passing through, so I thought, “Why not?”. Yep, also a “No” from me.  I couldn’t get past how the kids spoke to each other.  I may be in my 30’s, (mid 20’s when I tried reading them), but I do at least know that is not how teenagers speak.  I was offended for the generation below mine. Also, of course, “Twilight”…..I’m sensing a theme here.  I’m very particular about my vampire novels, apparently.    Also, John Greene books.  But not because they are bad, they so are not.  But ugly crying on me is worse than you’ve ever seen on anyone, and he makes me ugly cry every. Friggin. Time.

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