Keatyn Chronicles

I stumbled upon this book series a few years ago while looking for free books in iBooks.  This way of finding new series is, obviously, very hit and miss.  Sometimes I get books that are hard to finish, sometimes they capture me, but the feeling is fleeting.  Then other times, I spend way more than budgeted buying the entire series with in a week and being irritated when I have to put the books down and do, you know, adult stuff, or whatever.

This series….oh man, oh man, it grabbed my by the brain and the heart and drug me along for the best ride I had been on in a while.

The original series has seven books.  If you feel like you’ve just had enough after the seven books (which I doubt, but whatever), you *can* stop there and be (mostly) satisfied with the way things end.  I was not. I cannot express how happy I was when I went back to read this series again, for old time’s sake, and saw there are even more additions in a spin-off series, staring all the favorite characters, and then some!! I might have actually squealed.

Okay, fine. I squealed.

So what about this book is oh, so ah-mazing? Freaking everything!

The first book starts by introducing us to the life and times of one Miss Keatyn Douglas.  Her mom is a famous actress who got her start in a campy slasher movie.  Her step-dad, and father of her little sisters, is a famous actor in action movies, and a well known lover (think George Clooney, but younger). Her best friends are everything from Queen Bee’s to child movie stars to chill surfers.  From the very beginning we get to see Keatyn’s weakness….her inability to figure out where she fits in.  She loves the spotlight and all things Free People and Vuitton.  She also loves waking up at sunset and showing the local boys how to shred a wave. She likes being popular, but hates the meaness involved.

Through all this, she hides her desire to act. Through this weakness of not wanting to embarrass her mom or step-dad, a stalker finds his way in.

And then shit gets really real.

Keatyn has to make a decision that doesn’t only change her path in life, but also the lives of everyone around her, including her adorable little sisters, who have become the target in a sick game her stalker is now creating.

This story successfully weaves the reader through high school drama, what it means to be true to yourself, and whether chance or fate has a say in where we end up.  Every subject matter important to a young adult is discussed or touched on in one way or the other, and the bottom line is always, be yourself and be happy.

This series is one I have read more than once, and I fully intend to read it a hundred times more.

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