Lily-R. M. Walker

Ah, reverse harems.  These, my friends, are my absolute favorite stories.


My obsessions with reverse harems started, of course, with C. L. Stone and the Ghost Bird series.  Then I went on to enjoy the as of yet to be concluded Scarab Beetle series.  Now, it’s something I actively seek out in looking for new books/series.


I know this type of story is not for everyone, and that’s okay.  That’s perfectly fine.  But please, don’t be that shitty person who calls it names, puts down people in polyamorous relationships, or acts closed minded about these types of books.  It’s 2017.  Grow up a little.


Now that that’s out of the way, let talk about this series!  So far there are two book in the series, with a third working title already revealed.

The first book in the series is “Lily”.  We meet our main girl, Lily, as she enters another new school.  Through her inner monologue we learn that she has moved at least once a year, never making real friends or really having any type of relationship outside the one she has with her mom.

Lily is immediately drawn to a group of four boys.  These boys are good looking, funny, yet also seems to be on the fringe of the school social scene.  They are a tight knit group that other’s are jealous of, so of course, it being high school and all, they have to make fun of them and call them “freaks”.

Lily is immediately let into the group when they approach her, and she has a seizure in front of them, and the entire school.  Seizures are not uncommon for her, and are in fact a contributing factor to her not making any lasting relationships.  What is strange, however, it how the seizures change since moving to the new locations and meeting the boys.  What starts out as a seizure with strange noises and motions of color, begins to suddenly become people and scenes.

Lily and her boys are thrown into chaos where they must learn to rely on each other and their own instincts.  With Fae, witches, seers, and Councils formerly thought to be disbanded, everyone has a secret to hide and eventually it all comes to light.

I immensely enjoyed the first book, was mildly impressed with the second, and biting my nails waiting for the third.  While the main female character seems to have a lot of weakness showcased, relying time after time for the boys to save her or fix her issues, I really feel like the third book will be when we see what kind of badass she can be.  The cards seem to be all out on the table, and now it’s just waiting to see what she will do with it all.



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