“How To Date a Douchebag”

Yep, you totally read the title correctly.

“How to Date a Douchebag” by Sara Ney.

In case the title didn’t tip you off, if you’re easily offended…..At All……just walk away from this series.  The entire bit of it.  Seriously.


If, however, you understand character development and have a wicked sense of humor, please, pull up a comfy chair, and listen to what I have to say about this amaze-balls book I just read in record time.

From the first “*eye roll*” in the dedication section, to the very last at the ending of this book, Sara Ney takes up through the minds of two very lost individuals.

Oddly, the majority of the story takes place in a campus library.  I know, right? But come on, it’s college.  Everyone ends up there eventually, why not have a hot librarian fantasy or two?

Our two main peeps are Jameson, a ballet flat and pearls kind of girl.  She owns cardigans in every flavor, likes puffy coats, black framed glasses and studying over socializing.  It’s hinted through out the book that she once was a little more wild, but when she left for college, she stuck to the straight and narrow. The other is Sabastion “Oz” Osbourne.  He’s a wrestler on his way to the Olympics, known for panty-dropping, partying, and acting as though he owns the world, while hiding the fact that he’s angry over a sexual assault situation that happened with his sister, poor as a begger, and is known to have a feeling or two.

When Oz’s friends see Jameson studying alone, what else would they do but place a bet that the uptight princess would sneer at Oz for daring to breath the air around her. Oz, the cocksure asshole that he is, bets he can get her to kiss him.  One, because she’s a challenge (told you it gets a little offensive), and two, because he’s dead broke and needs the money. He’s just full of shock when, not only does she agree to kiss him, for half the profit of course, but that it makes his heart pitter patter and his dick twitch like he’s 12 years old discovering porn for the first time.

What follows is the typical couples dance when neither wants to admit to their feelings, or let anyone else know they have feelings at all.

So the final questions become, will Jameson take a chance on a man who is loud and proud about one night stands and who’s never made a commitment in his life? Will Oz realize his own shortcomings when it comes to matters of the heart, and what’s really important to him in his life?

This book is steamy, near X rated, offensively sarcastic in all the right ways.  It’ll hook you from the beginning and make you fall for these characters like they’re your new best friends, and you just *have* to know where they all end up.how to date a douchebag2

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