So this one.

This one, I stumbled on.

This one, I fully expected to quit halfway through.

This one, took me a long time to get over.


Unbeautiful by Jessica Sorenson is a two part series (Part 2 is Untamed) that follows a girl named Emery, and a boy named Ryler.

Emery, for as long as she can remember, has had the most perfectly structured life.  School is top priority, as well as looking the part of the head cheerleader, dating the perfect guy, and always completing her studies. But at night, when she should be having family meals and gossiping with her friends, her world turns dark.  Shackled to her bed at night as punishment for questioning the way her town behaves after sunset, dark figures standing watching her sleep, bars put on her windows so she can never dare sneak out again, even having grown up with this treatment, Emery knows it’s wrong.  She plans and schemes on how she’s going to make her escape, because there is only one shot at it.


Ryler has had the world against him since birth.  A mom who didn’t want him, a dad who was apathetic, then foster parents who were only in it to collect checks and have human punching bags, Ryler ends up in juvie for two years for protecting a foster sibling from a grown man who used Rylers angry past against him, scaring Ryler so badly his vocal cords no longer work. After juvie, Ryler has no where to go but with his bio dad, who uses him to settle gambling debts. Unfortunately, Ryler can’t actually help get money, so it becomes his life the mobsters want.  On the run, the FBI take notice and recruit Ryler for their own reasons, to become an informant to take down the main mobster.


After Emery makes her escape, she ends up renting the apartment above Ryler. Both full of secrets, they become close fast, realizing they both needed a connection to each other.  But can they keep a budding relationship alive when so many secrets are between them?

Emery’s parents are threatening to take her back home.  Ryler’s life is on the line with every lie he tells in his double life.  Emery’s every move is still being manipulated by her family, and now she’s having hallucinations.  Ryler is falling for the quiet girl in the apartment above his, but how can he allow her into his life when there’s danger around every corner?

This book, the whole series, will keep you, not just on the edge of your seat, but will also keep you feeling absolutely unsettled and off kilter.  There are some slow parts to it, but by paying attention to these parts, everything will click. Not only are there parts of the story that will be made more available to you, but it will also keep you in the zone of where this author needs you, once all is revealed at the end.

***I got this book on Amazon kindle in a bundle set, containing both Unbeautiful and Untamed.

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