Anna Dressed In Blood

“Anna Dressed In Blood”, by Kendare Blake.

First of all, I must say that this isn’t my normal type of book.  Normally, I’d scroll right past it and move on to something a little less ghost-y.

While I love the supernatural and all things that go bump in the night, hell I’ve even gone on a few ghost hunts myself, I usually don’t *read* about it much, with the exception of “The MacKinnon Curse” (and that’s a whole new blog just waiting to be written).

But this one just kept showing up everywhere I went.  It was on Kindle recommendations, it was on Goodreads, it even showed up in iBooks.  Finally, when it showed up in Audible, I figure it was time to give it a shot. I’m glad I did.

Over all, I’d give this a solid 4 stars.  The flow of consciousness from the main character, who has an amazing name, I might add, is easy jump into, and gives a lot of information without being obvious or boring.

The back ground of the whole book is interesting enough, if a little predictable.  My favorite part of this however, are the secondary characters, and the main character’s response to those characters.  Amusing, is the word that comes to mind.

So our main dude, Cass as he prefers to be called, hunts ghosts for a living.  Not in the “Ghost Hunters” sort of way, but in the “hunt them and re-kill them” way.  Like his father before him (who of course has died during a hunt), Cass and his Wicca of a mother travel the world, following tips given to him through a network of people, and Cass puts to final rest ghosts who have turned violent and aggressive, usually with a couple real kills under their belt.

Cass assumes the next move is the same as every other hunt.  Locals tell of a girl dressed in white, dripping in blood, who’ve killed dozen of people. Cass is beyond skeptical that there even is a ghost, assuming it’s just local lore and urban legend, let alone that a specter could have actually killed that many humans with out anyone else noticing or attempting to stop it.  However, what he finds is beyond anything he, or even his late father, has been up against.

In the middle of trying to find out what is actually going on with the girl dripping blood, Cass finds himself surrounded by an unlikely group of local teenagers who may just be the difference between success, and death. While he always worked alone, assuming anyone else would simply get in the way and cause him to trip up, Cass is shocked to find that other’s can pick up what needs to be done to survive the most wicked being he’s ever come up against.  He is constantly amused at their reactions and skills that work together in an odd, but helpful way.

All in all, this was a success for me.  As someone who has so little time that when she actually buys a book to read or listen to, she makes sure it’s worth her time, I’m very glad I chose this series to jump in to. I would def recommend this to anyone who loves campfire ghost stories with the same thread of pith that evokes my high school memories of Joss Whedon in the characterization of Buffy and Angel.

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